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A movement coach is an extremely special profession. It is a new field of study and is emerging rapidly from the need to answer a simple question, "how am I supposed to move?" As we we evolve further into modern culture, the quality of our movement is degrading and we are more susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries than ever before. Each year there is an exponential increase in pain, injuries, and surgery. And each year this question become increasingly more vital to answer. 

Learn the fundamental patterns that create durable humans and safe movement. 

The shape of our body and the patterns of it's movements can create a healthy musculoskeletal system or it can create an unhealthy one. Learn how to break free from old patterns and postures and reclaim pain free movement. 

Become a Primal Movement Coach

Change the way  people move, help people remove chronic pain from their body, decrease the chance of injury, give people the ability to move again. 

 The Primal Movement Coaches 

Coach Jamison Delallo                        Coach Bam LionHeart                  Coach Karlee Owens

This certification is 10 weeks long.  

By increasing the quality of your movement you will directly increase the quality of your life. This recode course will teach you how to:

  • 100% Online
  • Weekly ZOOM Calls
  • Certify with a team of other students.
  • Learn the art of coaching forward locomotion.
  • Learn correct squatting, reaching, traveling, and standing behaviors.
  • Three instructors with text and call support. 


The 10 Week Certification Timeline 

Week 1: Introduction and Theory of the principles of Primal Movement

Week 2: Movement education, physiology, physics, application, and understanding.

Week 2-3: Learn how to assess Movement in Slo Motion. Predict pain, injuries, and understanding compression in movement. 

Week 4 - 7: Learn the fundamentals of a movement recode, how to teach the exercises, and apply them to clients. 

Week 8: Learn the Fundamentals of forward movement, ow to educate walking, running, and crawling. 

Week 9-10: Create your business, understand logistics and operations to successfully coach in person and online. 

Next Certification: July 2023


  • 10 Weeks Online
  • 10 Group Coaches Calls
  • Full Education Library
  • Access to Recode Course
  • Coaches Text & Call Support
  • Access to Coaches Slack Channel

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