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A movement coach is an extremely special profession. It is a new field of study and is emerging rapidly from the need to answer a simple question, "how am I supposed to move?" As we we evolve further into modern culture, the quality of our movement is degrading and we are more susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries than ever before. Each year there is an exponential increase in pain, injuries, and surgery. And each year this question become increasingly more vital to answer. 


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Learn natural movements that allow us to move pain free. 


The shape of our body and the patterns of it's movements can create a healthy musculoskeletal system or it can create an unhealthy one. Learn how to break free from old patterns and postures and reclaim pain free movement. 

This certification is 10 weeks long.  

By increasing the quality of your movement you will directly increase the quality of your life. This certification is:

  • 100% Online
  • Weekly ZOOM Calls
  • Certify with a team of other 10-15 students.
  • Learn the art of coaching forward locomotion and natural movement.
  • Learn correct squatting, reaching, traveling, and standing behaviors.
  • Three instructors with text and call support. 


The 10 Week Certification Timeline 

Week 1: Introduction and Theory of the principles of Primal Movement

Week 2: Movement education, physiology, physics, application, and understanding.

Week 2-3: Learn how to assess Movement in Slo Motion. Predict pain, injuries, and understanding compression in movement. 

Week 4 - 7: Learn the fundamentals of a movement recode, how to teach the exercises, and apply them to clients. 

Week 8: Learn the Fundamentals of forward movement, how to educate walking, running, and crawling. 

Week 9-10: Create your business, understand logistics and operations to successfully coach in person and online. 

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Reviews of the Primal Movement Coaching Certification

Lex Barrymore

Primal movement not only had a focus on natural movement patterns, but I believe the the entire education was delivered with a focus on creating a natural learning environment. The three coaches succeeded in leading and educating whilst maintaining a “ on the front line among you “ type of relationship. The course material was effective and I truely found everything to be “ right on time”. The strong focus on “ examples” gave the student many real world, tangible representations of the material we were learning, resulting in more confidence and a sense of experience gained. I enjoyed the room to receive the information as an individual personality, with the prompting to always share it with the community! Resulting in many different deliveries and presentations of fundamental principles! This prepared the to be coaches for terminologies, truths, and perspectives outside on their own personal experience. This better prepares you for the many individuals that which we will be given the opportunity to guide, educate and communicate with. Overall i was engaged from week 1 to week 10 and could feel myself transforming into my desired result. I was ready and felt supported to launch and coach before the certification was complete! To me that is high value education. Primal movement is achieving their mission.


Shaan tariq

The Primal Movement Certification program far exceeded my expectations. Going into the program my main goal was to simply learn the necessary skills to become a movement coach and I did just that and so much more. I think anyone considering going down this path understands how important movement is but I never realized how much of an impact it could have on both my mental and spiritual health. At the beginning of the program as I went through the daily recodes and education I realized that I was not performing up to the standards I had set for myself and this was a huge eye opener. As I got further along the process I found myself discovering new insights and feelings within myself that were manifesting through my mind and body. I was starting to move and feel better than I had in a long time and I realized this was something I could share with others. I began to understand that how we move and feel within our bodies has a direct effect on our mental state as well. This is something far too many people are struggling with today and this is a very real solution to help combat that problem. On top of all these amazing revelations I was able to do all of this with an amazing group of supportive coaches and peers at my side. The strong community that comes along with going through this program made it all the more rewarding as we were able to navigate all the highs and lows together and learn from one another. I have left this program with a new sense of confidence and passion for movement that I hope to share with others for the rest of my days.


David Mantilla 

At first I looked at the price and thought that this was not for me. Talking with a friend, I decided to sign up since I needed a lot of practice to better integrate the concepts of locomotion. From minute one the coaches who guide the process were accompanying us and explaining to us point by point what we should do. Access a platform with a lot of content, both theoretical and practical. The most amazing thing about this certification is that you realize that in just a few weeks you can change your body, mind, and focus. Without a doubt I would pay double to take this certification. Thank you infinite team.

John Paul

The Primal Movement coaches certification greatly surpassed my already high expectations for the course. Going through the course made me realize that I didn’t have nearly the level of understanding of the movement practice that I initially thought before starting the course. I learned SO much. The instructors were all incredibly helpful and got back to me in a timely manner whenever I had questions. The community was also one of the most important aspects of the course. I developed amazing professional and friendly relationships with the other students in the course. Ultimately, this course gave me the confidence to know that I could go into movement coaching full time which is something that I was still on the fence about beforehand.

Inés Gonzalez

This certification exceeds all expectations. The energy and vibe you will find there is rarely found. So much support, feedback and understanding from the coaches and the other team members. They make you think so deeply that you will not be the same person after the course. They teach you to embody the process, listen to your body and commit to the plan. Anyone can sell you anything, but not everyone leads by example and not everyone will be there to readjust the process as many times as it takes to make it work, not everyone will tell you 'I'm here, we'll made it'. Finding a certification where the coaches/teachers/mentors are totally involved with it and with you is not easy and in this one you will get so much of everything, and so much useful content, that you can't even imagine. I feel that I have not only done a certification, but I have started a new path surrounded by people who understand me and with an energy that makes me want to go for more.



Becoming a Primal Movement Coach has been a wonderful experience. It has added so much to my ever growing knowledge base in the realm of health, wellness, and human optimization. That said when I began this journey, I was absolutely approaching it from a 3-dimensional physical body stand point, to move in the absolute best possible way. Very quickly I realized this adventure was so much deeper than that, yes I learned to move better, but I also connected to my subtle self in the unseen. I’ve had a feel sense my entire life that I’ve had a hard time putting into words, but now I know. Simply put, it is imperative to feel safe and grounded in our body and move in a way that facilitates this. Primal Movement provides a container to experience this. Come home to yourself, experience the incredible vessel you’ve been gifted in this life, set yourself free. The gratitude I feel extends way beyond these words. We all have a choice, choose yourself.

Lewis Henry

The Primal Movement Coaches Certification met and exceeded all of my expectations. I learned about the theories behind correct movement and was able to deep dive any specific area I wanted. also having access to all the amazing coaches for the full 10 weeks was invaluable. So many questions were answered which I had left unanswered for years. Lastly the course was perfect for getting a coaching business up and running. There is a step by step follow along for creating the business which was the best I have ever come across, Simple and straight to the point. I'm already working with my first fulltime client and its been a really positive experience.

Jen Samson

This is one of the best online courses I have taken in terms of structure, support, community, and empowerment. I didn't want it to end! Bam, Karlee, and Jamison are incredible coaches, truly coaching us to be better coaches. I have many positive remarks to give about the group of peers I had the opportunity to be in this course with. The group as a whole elevated this experience for me. With confidence, I am able to move forward from the program with a wealth of knowledge in terms of better movement within my own body, how to assess movement patterns for my clients, and how to guide a client toward all around better movement for moving and living well. I am certainly still learning, though this course set me up to take ownership of my body's needs and help others do the same. I am a massage therapist, and took this course to be able to offer more for my clients. While I do believe in the power of manual therapy, it is the way we move, or don't move, that is the medicine. We all have the tools within us to re-learn how receive the world, and now as a coach, I am able to guide others to find those tools and really own them. Before committing to the program, I was worried about time constraints and having many other commitments, but I am thrilled that I went for it. The course is an intensive, expect to work hard, that is what sets apart a great coach from a good coach. Problem solving is part of the journey, there is no perfect body, each body has its own challenges, and this certification sets you up to take all of that in stride. I am still connected with the coaches and most of my peers, we check on each other, support each other, and continue to learn from each other, and some of them live across the world! If you're reading this, I highly encourage you to set up that interview with Bam and really go for it, you won't regret it.