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Coach Bam

Bam has been a movement coach for over 8 years. He has experience in gymnastics, football, jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, may Thai, MMA, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, endurance running, endurance swimming, climbing, yoga, and modern dance.   Bam's goal is to give his client freedom through movement by eliminating pain, in depth movement education, and reintegrating natural movement patterns. 

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Coach Karlee

Coach Karlee is a former collegiate athlete. Specializing in soccer, track and cross country, and strength and conditioning. Her goal is to create durability, mobility, and athletic capability with her clients through Inner Athlete Fitness training. Unlock your inner athelte!  

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Coach Jamison

Coach Jamison has been coaching for over 10 years socializing in health and wellness. He is experienced in strength and conditioning, yoga, mountain biking, endurance running, snowboarding, and calisthenics. Coach Jamison's goal is to help facilitate as much physical healing as he can when working with clients. 

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Coach Sarah

Coach Sarah is a passionate mover, specializing in aerial, pole, and modern dance. She is an experienced yogi, and functional mover. Her goal is to unlock the hidden potential within all her clients and give them the tools to move through life in their own unique expression. 

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